Where’s Boo?

2 Jul

Can you spot the real Boo among all the impersonators?

Where's Boo?

From Boo’s Facebook page


Nap buddies

1 Jul

There’s nothing like a good nap, snuggled up next to a loved one.

nap time

From Imgur

A howl of ice and fire

30 Jun

Ever wondered what Game of Thrones would be like if it starred dogs instead of people?

No? Okay, neither have I.

But somebody with three adorable pugs DID wonder this, and they have put together a photography project called Pugs of Westeros.

Pugs of Westeros

BooBoo playing the part of Tyrion Lannister, Roxy as Daenerys Targaryen and Bono as Jon Snow From PupStarSonoma.com

The result – definitely cuter than HBO’s GoT, AND without all the gruesome bits.

For more images, check out PupStar Sonoma.


27 Jun

If I didn’t have a baby already, this pic would go a long way to convincing me that I needed one…

baby and puppy

Found on Imgur

Frenchie pups go shopping

26 Jun

These French bulldog puppies have a number of important items on their shopping list – including snackies, kibble and squeaky toys.

French bulldog pups in shopping trolley

Found on Reddit

Corgi puppy wants a snacky

25 Jun


Corgi puppy wants a bit of cheese

From Imgur


Yogi’s highland adventures

24 Jun

Meet Yogi – she’s a border collie who travels to some beautiful locations in Scotland, and then poses perfectly for the camera.

AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Photo by AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

I bet she doesn’t appreciate the views. Sometimes she pulls some funny faces for the camera too.

AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Photo by AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Follow Yogi on Instagram to see more of her adventures.


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