Public service announcement

11 Feb

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it seems that cats and hedgehogs have formed an alliance to take over the world. Be on your guard – with so many of people squeeing over the cuteness, these animals have us right where they want us.

At least if they do take over, we’ll have ADORABLE overlords.

I understand this might seem like an outrageous claim, so I’ve pulled together some evidence.

First, we have a cat who has adopted a littler of baby hedgehogs:

(Thanks to Frank for bringing this to my attention)

Next, footage of a cat and hedgehog networking over drinks – they’re probably plotting how to take over the human race.

Finally, here’s a video of a cat and hedgehog snuggling – although it’s not clear how much the hedgehog is actually enjoying the situation.

If you’re worried about whether we can overcome the threat of the cat-hedgehog alliance, there is a bit of good news. A couple of undercover spies have infiltrated their ranks and are keeping an eye on things:

Found at SnootyPaws; original source unknown


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