Pugs wearing wigs

23 Apr

I don’t know why I decided to do a Google image search for pictures of dogs wearing wigs. But, seriously, I could look at the results all day long.

To save you the trouble, I’ve pulled out my five favourite, and focussed on pugs – these smush-faced canines seem to have a penchant for hair extensions.

It was a hard decision, but here are the internet’s top five pugs wearing wigs (according to me):

5. Cowgirl pug


By Cheri H at Thriftown.com

This pug has a fabulous little outfit, and she’s rocking the cow-print and denim look. She only comes in at number five because I’m not sure the hat-with-plaits really counts as a wig.

4. 1950s pug

1950s pug

Source, via @Oliviathepug on Twitter

This puglette is a blast from the past, with her retro glasses, bright pink beehive and adorable poodle skirt. Excuse me while I  pull up Summer Lovin’ on Spotify.

3. Ready-for-the-office pug

Pug in tie

Source unknown

With his terrible tie, and spectacular comb-over, this puggle is certainly middle-management material.

2. Glamour pug

glamour pug

Found at Lambti.me

Cascading golden locks and enough pink to please even Barbie, this dog is the epitome of pug glamour!

1. Princess pug

Princess pug

Found at Pugs in Costume; original source unknown

She’s like a Disney Princess, but without the tiny waistline. Pugerella, perhaps? Or Sleeping Pugly?


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