Selfies: not just for humans

15 Aug

So we’ve all probably indulged in taking a selfie or two at some point in the past. And although a recent study claims that posting too many selfies to social media can be detrimental to your relationships, it seems that our canine companions have also gotten a little trigger happy with their camera phones.

Here’s a fairly standard canine selfie. This pooch has gone for the popular camera-from-slightly-above angle to avoid any trace of a double chin, and he’s definitely working those bedrooms eyes.

Dog selfie

Found at Yahoo! Pets

I’m a personal fan of the silly selfie, as this pug is demonstrating.

Pug selfie

Found at Bored Panda

Or how about the sunglasses selfie? These just scream summertime chic.

Dog selfie

Found at PetCentric

Last but not least, there’s the steamed-up-bathroom-mirror selfie. These are perfect for dating websites, and, as demonstrated here, the trick is to get the towel as low as possible, without showing anything that might violate the site’s standards… Oh, and bedroom eyes are a must.

This last pic was was sent to me by regular Dogger Frank, and to be honest, it kinda creeped me out… but in a funny way. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Frank!


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