Dogs o’Clock started on a slow November afternoon in London, when a group of tired writers took a break from their content creation to have a hot drink and look at cute pictures of dogs. It only took a day to catch on, and soon it wasn’t just the editorial department who wanted in on the emails.

When the original Dogmaster, Joel, found a new job, he passed the leash to me (Shannon). A few months later, I decided to switch the email format to a blog, mainly so I could schedule posts more easily.

Having a blog also makes it easier to share the posts with more people, and it might be nice to go back and look at old posts once in a while – on those days when a single dose of canine cuteness just isn’t enough to get through the afternoon.

Things you should know about Dogs o’Clock:

  • It’s posted every weekday at 4:00pm GMT.
  • It’s not always about dogs.
  • We think Sammy and Boo are both great, but prefer Sammy.
  • There’s also a Facebook page and Twitter feed – follow them too.
  • It used to be called Dog o’Clock (singular), but I had to make it plural when the Gmail account was already taken.
  • The dog at the top of the site is Astro – one of my mum’s Border Collies. He’s sweet but not very bright.
  • The dog used as my profile picture is Cali – another one of my mum’s Border Collies. She’s adorable and extremely clever – neither of these dogs is at all brave.
  • You can submit suggestions by emailing dogs.o.clock[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • Every effort is made to give credit to the original source for every picture – if you find I’ve missed something or incorrectly cited a source, please let me know and I’ll fix the issue right away.
  • Similarly, I’m using a photo that belongs to you and you don’t want it featured on the site, just send me an email and I’ll take it down.
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