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Yogi’s highland adventures

24 Jun

Meet Yogi – she’s a border collie who travels to some beautiful locations in Scotland, and then poses perfectly for the camera.

AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Photo by AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

I bet she doesn’t appreciate the views. Sometimes she pulls some funny faces for the camera too.

AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Photo by AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

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Shameless self promotion

12 Apr

Happy Friday, everyone!

Soo, for those who don’t know, I’m in the process of (slowly) building a photography business. I recently got a chance to snap a few piccies of a golden retriever and German shepherd, and thought I’d share two of my favourite photos from the session.

First, here’s Mikey!


See more dog portraits at Shannon Hudson Photography

And this is Jake.

Have a great weekend!

PS – I promise not to do posts like this too often. 🙂

Welcome to Dog o’Clock!

3 Jan

Hello, everyone and welcome to Dog o’Clock.

This started as a simple email among a few people in my office, and has started to spread – and now it has its very own blog.

To start the new year off on the right foot, today we have some very well photographed and extremely photogenic dogs.

5 of 5 Dog Puzzle Virginia Hiramatsu 09Nov2009

image credit: Mike Baird

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