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Tally ho!

19 Jun

“Onward, noble steed!”


Do I look like a bed?

3 Dec

Apparently so…

The little cowboy and his loyal steed

15 Nov


Baby rides a St Bernard

Found on Imgur

(Now, let’s just hope the dog doesn’t spot something to chase!)

Has anyone seen the cat?

14 Nov

“I’m sure I saw Fluffy come in here.”

Where's the cat?

Found on Imgur

“If you see her, can you let her know I’m looking for her?”

“I don’t know what to do about this”

6 Nov

This poor dog looks so confused about his situation!

Confused dog with cat snuggling

Found on Imgur


16 Oct

The look on this poor dog’s face just screams “Why can’t  you just leave me alone!?”

golden retriever with cat on head

Found on The Very Best Top 10

Little and large

4 Oct

The little dog looks so proud of himself!

Little and large

Found at CuteDogPix

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