Car rides: you’re doing it wrong

23 Jun

Happy Monday, Dogs o’Clockers!

This dog hasn’t quite figured out how to ride in a car. Hopefully your Monday is going a bit better than his.


The weekend is nearly here…

20 Jun

…hang in there

Sad bullmastiff

Found on Imgur

Tally ho!

19 Jun

“Onward, noble steed!”

Happy dog with pinecone is happy

18 Jun

“Hey guys! Look! I found the biggest pinecone EVAR and now its mine.”

Happy dog with pinecone is happy

Found on Buzzfeed

“Maybe I’ll chew on it. Or bury eat. Or both. But first I’m going to sit here and smile with my tongue hanging out because I found the biggest pinecone in the world and now it’s all mine.

“Oh look! Squirrel!”

It’s like a bath full of rose petals. But for dogs

17 Jun

Or maybe this is the Scrooge McDuck of dogs. Except instead of swimming in piles of money, it’s in a tub full of snackies.

dog in bath full of milk bones

Photo found on Imgur

Dynamic duo dogs

13 Jun

You’d think, being superhero dogs, these guys would have a fancy car to get them to the scene of the crime.

…instead, they go the eco-friendly route and hop on a train.

Smiling corgi

12 Jun

What a smile!

Although, I kind of think she might be plotting something.

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