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27 Jun

If I didn’t have a baby already, this pic would go a long way to convincing me that I needed one…

baby and puppy

Found on Imgur


Furniture woes

13 Dec

Here at Dogs O’clock HQ, we’ve just finished receiving a massive delivery from Ikea – basically an entire baby’s room is now sitting in the hallway in flatpack-format.

It’s safe to say there’s a lot of furniture assembly in my near future…but looking at this photo, I wonder if I’ve made a terrible mistake. I mean, why have we shelled out for a big wooden cot and a lovely supportive and fire-retardant mattress if the baby will be just as happy snuggling up on a £10 dog cushion from Pets at Home?

Dog and baby snuggle

Found on NedHardy.com

Maybe the dog is vital for this set-up to work.

Oh well. The furniture’s here, so there’s no going back now. Have a great weekend!

PS – Of course I’m joking… well, mostly. 🙂

Count the Dalmatians

25 Nov

How many Dalmatians do you see in this photograph? 🙂

two or three Dalmatians?

Found on Imgur

The little cowboy and his loyal steed

15 Nov


Baby rides a St Bernard

Found on Imgur

(Now, let’s just hope the dog doesn’t spot something to chase!)

A sleepy Wednesday afternoon

13 Nov

I always feel like Wednesday afternoons need to include an hour or so for nap time.

Husky and baby take a nap

Found on NedHardy.com

This husky and his baby friend have the right idea.

Give us a snog

1 Nov

“Just a little lick? Please?”

Labrador gives baby a kiss

Found on NedHardy.com

Puppy and baby playing together

3 Oct

What a cute pair of friends

(sorry about the weird sides of the video – what an annoying effect!)

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