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Yogi’s highland adventures

24 Jun

Meet Yogi – she’s a border collie who travels to some beautiful locations in Scotland, and then poses perfectly for the camera.

AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Photo by AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

I bet she doesn’t appreciate the views. Sometimes she pulls some funny faces for the camera too.

AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Photo by AdventuresOfYogi on Instagram

Follow Yogi on Instagram to see more of her adventures.




27 Sep

Do you wake up on Friday mornings with a smile like this?

Border collie puppy smile

Found on Imgur

Have a great weekend.


29 Jul

This border collie is so excited to be playing with bubbles.

Happy border collie with bubbles

Photo by sailorbill on Flickr

He looks so happy, and yet so conflicted. His doggy brain can’t decide which one to go for first. 🙂

Chariots of fur

8 Jul

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather!

Today, I’ve brought together a collection of photos of dogs running on the beach. If you’d like some music to accompany the pictures, just press play on this YouTube video:

And now, I present: Chariots of Fur:

Dogs on beach

Posted by MandyChu on Photoblog

Corgi on the beach

Found at the Daily Corgi; attributed to Vctr on Flickr

Head shaking

15 May

Dogs look pretty funny when they shake – but what if you could pause them for a moment mid-shake to see what their faces looked like?

That’s exactly what photographer Carli Davidson has done. Go visit her website to see some amazing (and pretty funny) photos – including a border collie, Chinese crested, bulldog and what I think must be a bloodhound. Oh, there’s also a disgruntled kitten in her collection.

Watch out, evildoers!

14 May

I’m sure this adorable crime fighting trio is a force to be reckoned with.

crime fighters

Found on Animal and more animal on Facebook

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