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Capybara adopts puppies

21 Mar

Okay, so I’ll admit: I’m a bit obsessed with capybaras.

But how could you not love a giant rodent that adopts a litter of dachshund puppies?

Capybara and puppies

Source: Rocky Ridge Refuge on Facebook

Also, the capy’s name? Cheesecake. *faints*


Meet Garibaldi the capybara

4 Mar

“What’s a capybara?” you might be asking.

“It’s the world’s largest rodent.” I would reply.

And in your mind you’re probably imagining this:

Splinter the rat from TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze

Picture taken from IMDB;
original source is TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze

No. That’s Splinter. He’s a mutated rat.

But like Splinter, who hangs out with a bunch of turtles, capybaras get on well with other species.

Garibaldi Rous and tortoise friend Leopolda

The capybara in all of these images is Garibaldi. He’s a pet capybara who lives in (I think) Texas. I didn’t know you could have these guys as pets, but this one has his own blog and he seems to lead a pretty exciting life.

(Makes me kind of wonder about what I’m doing with my own life, to be honest.)

Anyway, here he is with a cat friend.

And a puppy.

And a more standard-sized rodent: a Guinea pig.

If you want to see more capybara cuteness, I recommend heading over to Capybara Madness.

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