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Corgi puppy wants a snacky

25 Jun


Corgi puppy wants a bit of cheese

From Imgur



Mid-meal nap

17 Dec

Sometimes, you just can’t finish a meal without taking a nap between courses…

corgi puppy's mid-meal nap

Found on Imgur

Corgi on a carousel

9 Dec

I don’t know what I love more about this video – the fact that the corgi can’t get enough of the playground equipment…or that his name is Meatball.

Either way, it’s 4 1/2 minutes of corgi bliss!

Corgi puppypalooza

4 Nov

Here we have a joyous, corgi-filled six minutes and 22 seconds of video, with the best parts slowed down for ultimate enjoyment.

Running, jumping, barking, chewing, ears flapping and nose close-ups. This video has it all.

Sad corgi

17 Sep

This corgi is sad because he just realised his panda friend isn’t real.

Corgi begs for tummy rubs

2 Sep

When it comes to tummy rubs, this little corgi just can’t get enough!

Another Monday…

19 Aug

I don’t know about everyone else, but this Monday has been a rough one for me. No reason in particular, but I really feel like it should already be the weekend again.

And I definitely need a nap.

I think this little corgi knows just how I feel.

Corgi puppy nap

Photo found on Imgur

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