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Dachshund selfie

11 Jun

What’s cuter than a long-haired dachshund on Instagram?

Two long-haired dachshunds on Instagram.

There are loads of adorable pics of these guys, so if you need a Wednesday afternoon pick-me-up, head over to their account for more lovely photos.


Sausage dog races

27 Nov
Sausage dog races

Found on Imgur

Top tips for taking a nap – according to dogs

21 Nov

Whether you’ve hit that post-lunchtime danger zone, or you’re just feeling a bit worn down, there’s nothing quite like a power-snooze to help get you through the rest of your day. And, if anyone knows about napping, it’s our friends in the animal kingdom.

You don’t have to be a dog-owner to be aware of how much our canine companions like to squeeze in a bit of extra shut-eye. Even though it’s felines who have built their reputation on making the most of a quick rest – cat nap anyone? – dogs can certainly give us a few pointers.

1. Location, location, location

For a good, refreshing nap, be sure to choose a place where you can feel relaxed and at ease. Sleeping at your workspace may not be ideal, as your mind might keep coming back to your to-do list. But, it might work out, if the conditions are right.

2. Comfort

A soft bed or sofa can be great places to settle down for a quick snooze. Some might even enjoy napping in the great out doors – a warm sandy beach or a bit of grass under a tree can both be excellent choices. Wherever you go for your nap, make sure it’s a place that makes you feel comfortable, cosy and secure.

Labrador sleeping in planter

Found on LA Times

3. Napping buddies

A power-nap doesn’t need to be a solo endeavour, so snuggle up with a loved one and enjoy some quiet time together.

Spaniel and bulldog napping

Source: Imgur

4. Avoid caffeine and sugar before your nap

It’s always disappointing when your nap goes bad. The easiest way to sabotage your rest is to consume something that will leave you wide awake as soon as you settle down for those 40-winks – so avoid things like coffee and sugar before your snooze.

Excited boxer

Source: Imgur

Sausage dog cuteness

15 Oct

Today, we have a fluffy little dachshund, who’s trying her best to melt your heart.

Sausage dog begging

By Betty_Style on Instagram

Dachshund friends

3 Jun

Happy Monday, everyone.

Now, look at this pair of adorable dachshunds!

They have a fabulous feed on Instagram, if you need a bit more cute to get you through the rest of the day.

Fetch machine

10 May

This little dachshund loves to play fetch so much, his owners devised a brilliant machine that would play with him all day long.

Not only is the machine amazing, but the little dog is both adorable and smart enough to use the gadget. 🙂


Have a great weekend!

Red 5 standing by

3 May

In honour of unofficial Star Wars Day, which is tomorrow, here are my top five favourite pictures of dogs getting their geek on.

5. Chewbacca dog

When he’s not co-piloting the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca dog likes to ride shotgun in an SUV. Who knew?

Chewbacca dog

Photographer unknown; found at Buzzfeed

Look carefully – this dog is not even wearing a costume, he just looks like that ALL THE TIME.

4. Princess Leia dachshund

Just look at her: the little hair buns and white robe – so sweet! And with those big sad eyes, it’s like she’s about to say, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope!”

Princess Leia dog

By Nataliezdrieu at Makezine

3. Ewok dogs

Although Ewoks are a controversial subject among hardcore Star Wars fans, as a lover of all things cute and fluffy I’m going to come out on the pro-Ewok side of the debate. Besides, if it weren’t for furry characters like Wicket and Chief Chirpa, we wouldn’t have this adorable photo of cosplay canines.

Ewok Dogs

Posted by Samiam405at HGTV

2. AT-AT dog

Bones the Greyhound does not look overly thrilled by his AT-AT costume. Probably since he was hoping to be stationed somewhere warm, like Naboo, but now realises he’s headed to Hoth.

Imperial walker dog

By Katie Mello; photo from the Daily Mail

1. Wampug!

The actual Wampa was a  scary monster that hung Luke up in the deep freeze, with plans for a Skywalker-cicle as an after-dinner treat. The Wampug, on the other hand is an adorable pup named Chubbs who will warm your heart.

Happy Star Wars Day tomorrow, everyone. May the fourth be with you.

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