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Count the Dalmatians

25 Nov

How many Dalmatians do you see in this photograph? 🙂

two or three Dalmatians?

Found on Imgur


So many spots!

7 Aug

A Dalmatian has adopted a spotted lamb – watch them being adorable together:

Corgi mixers

3 Jul

Reading back through old Dogs o’Clock posts, it probably comes as no surprise that I absolutely love corgis. My husband believes (probably quite rightly) that if I ever met the Queen, I’d just want to know where her dogs were.

So how have I lived my life thus far without thinking about corgi mixes?

It turns out that, like vodka, corgis go with anything – and, unlike vodka, the results are completely adorable.

For example, here’s a Siberian husky / corgi cross, also called a Siborg:

And here’s a corgi / Dalmatian cross


Or how about a corgi / German shepherd mix?


For more examples, check out The Featured Creature.

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