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Learning to drive

6 Sep

This pup is very excited to be behind the wheel for the first time.

Puppy learning to drive

Photo found on Imgur


I can just imagine him “how-wooo-woooing” in excitement.


Pretty as a princess

4 Sep

This must be the the happiest German Shepherd in a Snow White costume on the internet.

German shepherd Snow White

Found on Imgur

Chariots of fur

8 Jul

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather!

Today, I’ve brought together a collection of photos of dogs running on the beach. If you’d like some music to accompany the pictures, just press play on this YouTube video:

And now, I present: Chariots of Fur:

Dogs on beach

Posted by MandyChu on Photoblog

Corgi on the beach

Found at the Daily Corgi; attributed to Vctr on Flickr

Corgi mixers

3 Jul

Reading back through old Dogs o’Clock posts, it probably comes as no surprise that I absolutely love corgis. My husband believes (probably quite rightly) that if I ever met the Queen, I’d just want to know where her dogs were.

So how have I lived my life thus far without thinking about corgi mixes?

It turns out that, like vodka, corgis go with anything – and, unlike vodka, the results are completely adorable.

For example, here’s a Siberian husky / corgi cross, also called a Siborg:

And here’s a corgi / Dalmatian cross


Or how about a corgi / German shepherd mix?


For more examples, check out The Featured Creature.

Exquisite ears

10 Jun

There’s a lot about dogs that make me smile. Their adorable paws, wagging tails, big eyes and wet noses are all up there… but if I had to choose just one thing, it would be German shepherd puppy ears.

german shepherd puppy ears

Posted by idmo on Reddit

This puppy in a jumper…

17 May

This German shepherd puppy in a jumper hopes you all have a fabulous weekend.


Found at Unimportant and Intoxicated on Tumblr;
original source unknown

Just look at those ears!!!

Shameless self promotion

12 Apr

Happy Friday, everyone!

Soo, for those who don’t know, I’m in the process of (slowly) building a photography business. I recently got a chance to snap a few piccies of a golden retriever and German shepherd, and thought I’d share two of my favourite photos from the session.

First, here’s Mikey!


See more dog portraits at Shannon Hudson Photography

And this is Jake.

Have a great weekend!

PS – I promise not to do posts like this too often. 🙂

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