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Happy dog with pinecone is happy

18 Jun

“Hey guys! Look! I found the biggest pinecone EVAR and now its mine.”

Happy dog with pinecone is happy

Found on Buzzfeed

“Maybe I’ll chew on it. Or bury eat. Or both. But first I’m going to sit here and smile with my tongue hanging out because I found the biggest pinecone in the world and now it’s all mine.

“Oh look! Squirrel!”


Have you heard of the ‘cone of shame’?

6 Dec

Well, this is the cone of happiness:

Cone of happiness

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Happy Friday!

Do I look like a bed?

3 Dec

Apparently so…

Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays – food, family, friends… oh, and did I mention the food?

It turns out that Thanksgiving is also a favourite among dogs – they enjoy all the delicious smells wafting around, as well as the extra attention and tummy rubs from guests.

Here are a few pictures of dogs enjoying Thanksgiving.

Terrier dressed as a turkey

Found on Mix1065fm.com

Okay, so the last two photographs may not be dogs 100% enjoying themselves on Turkey Day. The little terrier looks a bit worried that he might actually be on the menu, while the golden retrievers photo… well, the dog on the left is licking his chops very enthusiastically!

Also, if you’re a dog owner, remember that a lot of the food served at Thanksgiving isn’t actually good for your pooch. So check out this infographic about Thanksgiving food safety for canines.


11 Nov

“Too big to sit here? Whadoyamean?” this dog asks.

Golden retriever is a lapdog

Found on Imgur

“See? I fit perfectly.”

Howl-oween costumes – day 2

29 Oct

This costume combines my love of dogs and Disney.

Golden retriever Little Mermaid

Found on the Huffington Post

Muddy nose

22 Oct

While we humans may not enjoy the rain, dogs love the seasonal opportunity for rolling in the mud.

muddy golden retriever puppy

Found on Imgur

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