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Dogs celebrating Burns Night

25 Jan

For those of you who don’t know, my husband is Scottish and I lived north of the border for several years, so I’m at least a little bit Scottish at heart.

Anyway, it’s Burns Night tonight, the night when the bagpipes and whisky come out and people read poems to haggis – yes, really.

Even Scottish dogs get dressed up in their Prince Charlie jackets, tartan and tweed:
(okay, well, judging by the background, this is a Scottish-American pup… but I’m sure he likes haggis and Rabbie Burns.)
Even some cats get in on the action.

Found at Kitties and Cake; original source unknown

Oh, and by the way… if you’ve never seen what a haggis actually looks like – you know, before they’re wrapped in sheep’s stomach and boiled – here’s a rare photograph of the lesser-spotted haggis in the wild – note how the legs on one side are shorter than the other. Scientists believe the animals evolved that way to make it easier to run around on the craggy hills of the highlands.

Source: Wiki Commons

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