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A sleepy Wednesday afternoon

13 Nov

I always feel like Wednesday afternoons need to include an hour or so for nap time.

Husky and baby take a nap

Found on NedHardy.com

This husky and his baby friend have the right idea.


Howl-oween costumes – day 1

28 Oct

Happy Monday, Doggers! I hope you’re all well and managing to stay warm and dry in the stormy weather!

With Halloween on Thursday, this week’s posts will all feature dogs in costumes – enjoy!

First up, we have some handsome huskies dressed up as Mario and Luigi.

Mario Brothers Huskies

Found on Imgur


23 Oct
White huskies

Found on @CuteEmergency on Twitter

So many leaves!

24 Sep

I’ve always thought the beautiful piles of dry leaves were a bit of an autumn myth – after all, the leaves I always see on the ground tend to be wet, mushy and half-rotten.

But this dog seems to have found the perfect pile of leaves – and he’s making the most of his discovery. I do feel a bit bad for the owner who’s going to need to start raking again.

Arf, matey!

19 Sep

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, landlubbers. So, here be some dogs who dress like pirates (since they can’t talk, yar!)

Pirate pug

Found at Crushable

Pirate dog

Found at The Paw

Dog dressed as two pirates

Found at Troglopundit

A new Olympic event?

5 Aug

I think synchronised cuddling should be the next Olympic sport – and this team of huskies would be favourites for taking home the gold medal.

synchronised husky cuddling

Found on LolliTop HellAs via BuzzFeed

Wait? What? Dogs aren’t allowed to compete in the Olympics? Well, they’d have to make an exception – how could you say “no” to something this cute?

Happy wolf puppy

30 Jul

Okay, so there’s actually some debate on the Imgur comments about whether this is a wolf cub or a husky puppy.

Whatever it is, it’s darn cute!

Wolf puppy

Found on Imgur

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