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This looks like a good place for a nap

9 Jul

The perfect spot for a little snooze: it’s soft and warm… also breathing and capable of eating you, but don’t worry about that, tiny kitten.

kitten sleeping on St Bernard

Source: TinyPic


The cutest canoodle

6 Jun

Kitten and baby deer! I repeat: KITTEN AND BABY DEER!

Kitten and baby deer

Found on Imgur and Wallpapers Planet; photographer unknown


(Thanks to my Hubby for suggesting this one)

Lunchtime bonus

20 Feb

Hi everyone.

Since I know 4:00 isn’t a good time for me to be sending around seven-minute-long must-watch videos of some seriously sweet animals, I thought I’d give you something to do during your lunchbreak today.

Get a sandwich and a cuppa. Find some headphones, sit back and be prepared for some major cuteness. If that study about adorable animals being good for productivity is right, those of you in editorial should be finished with your Feb volumes by the end of the day. 🙂

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