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Balancing act

26 Nov

Meet Scout. He’s an adopted pit bull who has exceptional patience and an ability to balance anything on his head.

I certainly wouldn’t trust myself to balance a laptop on my noggin!

To see more of Scout’s amazing tricks, head over to his Tumblr: Stuff on Scout’s Head.


Smile! It’s almost Friday

11 Jul

This dog sure is happy that the weekend is nearly here!

happy staffie

Found on Imgur

(She’s also smiling because she’s a rescue dog who found a loving home)

A very tolerant mama cat

25 Jun

This one-day-old pit bull puppy was rejected by its mother. So a rescue cat named Lurlene took over caring for it, along with nursing the rest of her kittens.  (Full story)

cat nurses puppy

Found at Yahoo Blogs

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