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A howl of ice and fire

30 Jun

Ever wondered what Game of Thrones would be like if it starred dogs instead of people?

No? Okay, neither have I.

But somebody with three adorable pugs DID wonder this, and they have put together a photography project called Pugs of Westeros.

Pugs of Westeros

BooBoo playing the part of Tyrion Lannister, Roxy as Daenerys Targaryen and Bono as Jon Snow From PupStarSonoma.com

The result – definitely cuter than HBO’s GoT, AND without all the gruesome bits.

For more images, check out PupStar Sonoma.


Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays – food, family, friends… oh, and did I mention the food?

It turns out that Thanksgiving is also a favourite among dogs – they enjoy all the delicious smells wafting around, as well as the extra attention and tummy rubs from guests.

Here are a few pictures of dogs enjoying Thanksgiving.

Terrier dressed as a turkey

Found on Mix1065fm.com

Okay, so the last two photographs may not be dogs 100% enjoying themselves on Turkey Day. The little terrier looks a bit worried that he might actually be on the menu, while the golden retrievers photo… well, the dog on the left is licking his chops very enthusiastically!

Also, if you’re a dog owner, remember that a lot of the food served at Thanksgiving isn’t actually good for your pooch. So check out this infographic about Thanksgiving food safety for canines.

Dogtor Who

22 Nov

It’s hard to escape all the Doctor Who excitement recently – especially with the BBC turning into the all-Time-Lords-all-the-time channel, not to mention today’s fantastic Google Doodle.

Here at Dogs O’Clock HQ, we’re also getting caught up in the Whomania, and what better way to prepare for The Doctor’s next adventure than by checking out some photos of dogs dressed as our favourite Galifreyan?

According to a very scientific poll carried out at Dogs O’Clock towers, David Tennant is the favourite Doctor around here. But, it seems that dogs have a preference for Matt Smith and  Tom Baker. Maybe they agree that fezzes, bow-ties and stripey scarves are cool.

Shiba Inu dressed as Doctor Who

Image from Sencha The Shiba

Dog dressed as Doctor Who

Found on Cosplay Blog

Dogs dressed as Doctor who

Found on  Cheezburger.com

Pug dressed as Doctor Who

Posted by Iancmaltby on Instructables

Of course, there’s a lot more to Doctor Who than just the Doctor himself. For one thing, what good is a Time Lord without his trusty Tardis?

(I bet, when it comes to meal times and appetite, this pug is bigger on the inside, too.)

Pug dressed as Tardis

Posted by Iancmaltby on Instructables

Every good hero needs an arch nemesis or two to match wits against – and, while there are Cyber Men and Weeping Angels to think about, the Daleks are certainly the most memorable of the Doctor’s enemies.

This pug is looking adorable in his knitted Dalek jumper – but I’m guessing the only thing he’ll be exterminating is his next bowl of kibble.

Pug in Dalek jumper

Photo and Jumper by Peachatha on Ravelry

Finally, we can’t forget the Doctor’s own faithful canine companion, good old K-9!


A proper lady

2 Oct

This little lady pug is all ready for a special event. I like to think she’s headed off for a nice cream tea or Sunday brunch.

Arf, matey!

19 Sep

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, landlubbers. So, here be some dogs who dress like pirates (since they can’t talk, yar!)

Pirate pug

Found at Crushable

Pirate dog

Found at The Paw

Dog dressed as two pirates

Found at Troglopundit

The littlest executive

13 Sep

Happy Friday, everyone.

It has been a looong week

5 Sep

At least Thursday’s nearly over now. This pug is ready for Friday (and so am I).

pug ready for Friday

Found on BuzzFeed

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