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27 Jun

If I didn’t have a baby already, this pic would go a long way to convincing me that I needed one…

baby and puppy

Found on Imgur


Frenchie pups go shopping

26 Jun

These French bulldog puppies have a number of important items on their shopping list – including snackies, kibble and squeaky toys.

French bulldog pups in shopping trolley

Found on Reddit

Corgi puppy wants a snacky

25 Jun


Corgi puppy wants a bit of cheese

From Imgur


Bulldog pups and their fat little bellies

10 Jun



Found on Imgur

Dogs o’clock is back!

9 Jun

Hey all – I’m so sorry for the extended delay. The Christmas season hit me a bit harder than I expected, and then by the time I recovered, I was off to the hospital to pop out* a baby.

Anyway, my little bundle of joy is four months old already – how time flies! – and I figure it’s time to get back to Dogs o’Clocking.

So, for my first post back how about 23 adorable puppies and their beautiful bullmastiff mother? (I’m so glad humans generally only have one at a time!!!)

For more, see the article at the Daily Mail.

*There was no ‘popping out’ – she put up a fight and it was the most traumatic, scary and wonderful moments of my life.

Bulldog puppy with a bow tie!

18 Dec

This is Mr Norman, and I doubt you’ll see anything cuter today. 🙂

If you do find something cuter, PLEASE let me know.

Mid-meal nap

17 Dec

Sometimes, you just can’t finish a meal without taking a nap between courses…

corgi puppy's mid-meal nap

Found on Imgur

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