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Puppies in onesies

31 Jul

Take two things that are adorable on their own – in this case, puppies and onesies. Combine them and your heart is guaranteed to melt a little.

Golden retriever puppy in onesie

Found on Uproxx

So if one puppy isn’t enough for you, how about two?

Corgi puppy in onese

Found on The Frisky

Still not enough? Fine, here are six puppies snoozing away.

Labrador puppies in onesies

Found on Cute Overload

And, while I’m at it, how about a sloth in a onesie, too?

baby sloth in a onesie

Found on Twicsy


Lunchtime bonus

20 Feb

Hi everyone.

Since I know 4:00 isn’t a good time for me to be sending around seven-minute-long must-watch videos of some seriously sweet animals, I thought I’d give you something to do during your lunchbreak today.

Get a sandwich and a cuppa. Find some headphones, sit back and be prepared for some major cuteness. If that study about adorable animals being good for productivity is right, those of you in editorial should be finished with your Feb volumes by the end of the day. 🙂


15 Feb

Baby sloths! In a bucket! 

And if that’s not enough slothy cuteness to get you through the weekend, I recommend heading over to Slothville. That should keep you going.

Have a good weekend!

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