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Puppy in a cast

25 Jul

Okay, so a puppy with a broken leg isn’t something to smile about – but he’s okay, and looking absolutely adorable in his little cast.

Puppy in a cast

Found on Imgur

I think he might be working those puppy-dog eyes for extra sympathy too. 🙂


Royal canines

23 Jul

So, Kate and Wills had a baby boy. Oh, you haven’t heard yet? That’s probably because it’s barely being talked about in the news. But, yeah, that’s a thing that happened yesterday.

Anyway, over here at Dogs o’Clock HQ, I thought we might celebrate the happy couple’s news with a few pups dressed in regal robes and golden crowns. So, here you go.

Princely dog at Pawdi Gras

Found at About.com

Kingly labrador

Found at Doggies.com

Royal bulldogs

Found at Queen of Paws

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