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20 Sep

I’m pretty sure this is the sort of thing all canines get up to when they think humans aren’t looking.

Staffie on rocking horse

Found on Imgur


Feeling knackered?

24 Jun

Sometimes a fun-filled weekend just gets to be too much for a little puppy, and an emergency nap becomes essential. It doesn’t matter where.

puppy nap

Found on Imgur

(Thanks to my hubby for finding this one)

Dogs looking guilty

22 Feb

According to science, dogs don’t express guilt; we humans just imagine their facial expressions.

Obviously those scientists need to watch these videos.

Berlin here ate through the bed sheets. She knows precisely what she did, and she’s very sorry.

Denver ate some cat treats – he looks guilty, but also a bit pleased with himself.

Jackson apparently didn’t understand what it meant to ‘devour’ a good book.

Finally, I don’t know what this dog’s name is, but since all the others were named after cities, we’ll call him Albuquerque. Al was sure there was a squirrel in that tree.

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