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Dog and tortoise share a moment

10 Jul



Tea party with a tortoise

1 May

Here is Lula, and her tortoise friend Leonard, enjoying a spot of tea in the garden. It’s just one of many squee-worthy moments in a YouTube video I discovered last night.

Tortoise tea party

Screenshot from video by SpinningFancy on YouTube

The full video is below – I recommend having your sound on, as it uses one of my favourite Disney songs: “It’s not Easy” from Pete’s Dragon. But if you’re not looking for a heart-warming musical number, go ahead and press mute.

When I grow up…

8 Jan

Police puppies!

Image found at the Daily Mail; Copyright Caters News Agency

And a bonus happy tortoise from Kristy:
Tortoise eats strawberry

Picture found at Cute Overload; original source unknown

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