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Lunchtime bonus

20 Feb

Hi everyone.

Since I know 4:00 isn’t a good time for me to be sending around seven-minute-long must-watch videos of some seriously sweet animals, I thought I’d give you something to do during your lunchbreak today.

Get a sandwich and a cuppa. Find some headphones, sit back and be prepared for some major cuteness. If that study about adorable animals being good for productivity is right, those of you in editorial should be finished with your Feb volumes by the end of the day. 🙂


Good deeds

18 Feb

Hey everyone, I hope you had a good weekend.

Today’s Dog o’Clock theme is helping each other.

For example: we humans have helped piglets walk by building them wheelchairs.

(if you want to hear some adorable piglet noises, break out the headphones – thanks to Rich for sending me this one)

We have also helped sea turtles swim with prosthetic flippers.

But it’s not just people that can do the helping.

A piglet recently saved a goat from drowning:

And this cat provided a helping paw for his puppy friends who wanted indoors

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