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It’s acupuncture awareness week!

25 Feb

So I’m not entirely sure just how much awareness is required when it comes to acupuncture. I mean, I’m pretty sure you’re totally aware that it’s going on when it’s happening to you – long spindly needles sticking into your body isn’t something that generally goes unnoticed.

But I guess somebody somewhere thought raising awareness of acupuncture was necessary, and who am I to decide otherwise?

Instead, I’ve decided celebrate the alternative cure with a few pictures of nature’s own little acupuncturist, the noble hedgehog.

BuzzFeed recently put together a collection of hedgehogs with other things that also look like hedgehogs, which will do quite nicely.

Found on BuzzFeed; original source: HQwall


Lunchtime bonus

20 Feb

Hi everyone.

Since I know 4:00 isn’t a good time for me to be sending around seven-minute-long must-watch videos of some seriously sweet animals, I thought I’d give you something to do during your lunchbreak today.

Get a sandwich and a cuppa. Find some headphones, sit back and be prepared for some major cuteness. If that study about adorable animals being good for productivity is right, those of you in editorial should be finished with your Feb volumes by the end of the day. 🙂

Public service announcement

11 Feb

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it seems that cats and hedgehogs have formed an alliance to take over the world. Be on your guard – with so many of people squeeing over the cuteness, these animals have us right where they want us.

At least if they do take over, we’ll have ADORABLE overlords.

I understand this might seem like an outrageous claim, so I’ve pulled together some evidence.

First, we have a cat who has adopted a littler of baby hedgehogs:

(Thanks to Frank for bringing this to my attention)

Next, footage of a cat and hedgehog networking over drinks – they’re probably plotting how to take over the human race.

Finally, here’s a video of a cat and hedgehog snuggling – although it’s not clear how much the hedgehog is actually enjoying the situation.

If you’re worried about whether we can overcome the threat of the cat-hedgehog alliance, there is a bit of good news. A couple of undercover spies have infiltrated their ranks and are keeping an eye on things:

Found at SnootyPaws; original source unknown

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